"Journey to the West" Goes to the Symphony

Honor of Kings, the Chinese blockbuster video game, has featured a new arrangement by Maffe that combines the theme from the classic 80s TV series "Journey to the West" with his own lush melodies and signature sound. In this arrangement, Maffe combines traditional Chinese instruments with the western symphony orchestra for an epic production that feels both familiar and exotic.

Recorded by the amazing Synchron Stage Vienna Orchestra (conducted by Gottfried Rabl).

Watch the symphonic music video for "Journey to the West" here.

Love You Anyway (2021) Premieres in Los Angeles, CA

The first screening for Anna Matz's feature film Love You Anyway (2021) took place today at the Landmark theater in Los Angeles, California.

The story of the film follows the life of a young girl, Mackenzie (Reign Edwards) and her best friend Lucas (Charlie Gillespie), as they brave the highs and lows of life together.

The film features an intimate score by Maffe with the guitar as a featured instrument. It is woven in and out of this home movie-style drama in a soft, subtle way which brings adds to remarkable performance of the actors and creates a truly immersive and emotional experience.

Critical Role: "The Draw of Destiny"

Hexany Audio composers banded together to provide a selection of fantastical and epic music for the popular Dungeons and Dragons web-series Critical RoleMaffe's music is featured throughout and creates visceral ambience behind the dramatic storytelling of the players and dungeon master.

Watch Critical Role: Campaign 3 here

"Dawn of the Moon" Pop Rock Cover

With the overwhelmingly positive response to "Dawn of the Moon," Maffe's original song for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fifth anniversary celebration, artist Kurt Hugo Schneider covered the song on his YouTube channel. In collaboration with Alex Goot, Jada Facer, and KHS the rock rendition garnered over one million views and has introduced the song to and even wider and diverse audience

Watch the "Dawn of the Moon" cover music video here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 1.49.41 PM.png
Dawn of the Moon Cinematic

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang recently released a cinematic in celebration and for promotion of the fifth anniversary of their game. The video was scored by Maffe using the themes and motifs from his "Dawn of the Moon" song.

After just a week, the breathtaking video has over 10 million views on YouTube and is still climbing.

Watch the "Dawn of the Moon" cinematic here.

"Dawn of the Moon"

Hexany Audio has again joined forces with Chinese blockbuster game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang this time, with Maffe's composing at the helm, the team produced an original song in celebration of the game's fifth anniversary. The music features magical, wondrous vocals and lyrics by Laura Intravia and a lush orchestral melody fit for Hollywood.

“The way forth is certain, we’ll find the end soon. When walking by the dawn of the moon!”

Listen to "Dawn of the Moon" here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 2.33.32 PM (2).png
"The Song of the Long Voyage"

Frequent Hexany Audio collaborator, Arknights produced a live show this summer called the Ambience Synesthesia. It featured some of Arknights' best tracks over the year and was held Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on May 2 and 3, 2021.

One of the primary performances, "The Song of the Long Voyage" was co-composed by Maffe and Hexany lead composer Matthew Carl Earl. The piece is written for symphony orchestra and features the flute, cello, trumpet, and tuba.

Listen to "The Song of the Long Voyage" here.

"Operation Originium Dust"

In a blockbuster collaboration between Hexany Audio, Hypergryph, and Ubisoft, Arknights has created a masterful cross-over with Rainbow Six Siege. Maffe contributes an exciting hybrid style to the game with two action-synth tracks, "Tactical Ambush," and "Originium Abomination."

This pair of epic tracks continue to demonstrate an ever-expanding palate of genre and style in Maffe's repertoire.

Listen to the "Operation Originium Dust" soundtrack here.

"Till the Bell Tolls"

Maffe's first track release during his tenure at Hexany Audio is a theme for the character "Archetto" in the wildly popular tower defense game, Arknights.

"Over the high wall and pray for victory. Sing the anthem within the gospel, and the response will be the joy of the hometown. [Till the Bell Tolls], may light pave your way forward, and may piety and faith be with you forever."

Listen to "Till the Bell Tolls" here.