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"Alaska: Crest of the Hinterland" Strikes Up the Band

Oct 14, 2017

Gleo Huyck (pictured) and the Mat-Su Concert Band, frequent collaborators with Maffe, gave 'Alaska' another whirl in the first concert of their season. They originally commissioned the piece in 2015, but were unable to record the premiere at the time.

Huyck is excited to tackle the music once again. "It's a great piece. It's very cinematic...[Maffe's] principal type of composing." Maffe flew to Alaska to be present for the event.

Maffe's mother, a flutist, has just recently joined the band and will perform her son's work in one of her first concerts with the ensemble.

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Alaska: Crest of the HinterlandSterling Maffe and the Biola Symphonic Band
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