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"Chalice of Turbidity,” rousing battle music

Jan 26, 2023

The newest collaboration between Sterling Maffe, Hexany Audio, and Hypergryph is a release titled "Chalice of Turbidity" (濁杯照影). It was originally used as battle music for the 2022 event, "Invitation to Wine," and was recently included on the most recent Official Soundtrack Album for Arknights by Monster Siren Records.

The music is fast and heavy the whole time. It receives its weight partially from the dense orchestration and persistent low notes, but also features a men's chorus that chants phrases in classical, poetic Chinese. Finally, above the furious, relentless strings and dark syncopated hits, a single solitary flute floats mysteriously, howling and haunting the music.

Also included on this album is another track written by Maffe, titled "Honor to the Spring Mountain" (敬属春山). The following contributions from Maffe's Hexany coworker, Robert Wolf, are also included: "Be Our Guests" (客醉久), and "The Sole Wine Cup" (独衔杯).

Listen to the rest of the soundtrack album on Spotify here.

"Chalice of Turbidity" (濁杯照影)Sterling Maffe
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