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"Dagger Gang" video for Honor of Kings

Jan 20, 2023

Building on his previous work in adapting melodies from the classic Chinese story "Journey to the West" (having adapted "Zhu Bajie" last year), Maffe took on the challenge of arranging another theme for the blockbuster game "Honor of Kings". This time it was from the "Dagger Gang Overture" (by Yi Shang). The music opens with a verbatim transcription of its inspiration, and eventually expands to an entirely new orchestral sound and theme. Despite a large orchestration of full symphony and Chinese soloists, the music also introduces sparkling electronic timbres. The added elements modernizes the work and gives is a new and daring edge.

"The challenge was adding touches of electronic elements that would show the unruly nature and fearlessness of the character," Maffe explains in his social media share, "Thank you to the recording teams at Funk Studios (orchestra) and Chirying (China). Proud to have such talented people involved with this music."

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