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"Honor to the Spring Mountain" New Release

Jan 18, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year! The newest collaboration between Sterling Maffe, Hexany Audio, and Hypergryph is a release titled "Honor to the Spring Mountain" (敬属春山). It was originally used as a lobby theme for the 2022 event, "Invitation to Wine," and was recently included on the most recent Official Soundtrack Album for Arknights by Monster Siren Records.

The music has a traditional tone, filled with the ethnic timbres of the Chinese flute and a folk-like viola melody, and the main theme rings out with the familiar pentatonic scale and grandeur of the far east. The music also has a slightly modern take, mixing in dark synthetic and electronic elements underneath which add a sense of mystery and wonder.

Also included on this album is a track of battle music, written by Maffe, titled "Chalice of Turbidity" (濁杯照影). The following contributions from Maffe's Hexany coworker, Robert Wolf, are also included: "Be Our Guests" (客醉久), and "The Sole Wine Cup" (独衔杯).

Listen to the rest of the soundtrack album on Spotify here.

"Honor to the Spring Mountain" (敬属春山)
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