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"Love You Anyway" Official Release

Jun 28, 2022

Love You Anyway (2022), the debut film of Six Feet Apart Experiment winner Anna Matz, has seen it's official release. The film saw collaboration between Biola University Classmates Emilio Mazariegos (producer) and Sterling Maffe (composer), in a coming of age drama about a young woman, Mackenzie, who braves the highs and lows of life with her best friend, Lucas.

This Wayfarer Studios (Clouds) film was met with a warm reaction and glowing reviews which prompted it to be released on Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, and YouTube amongst other streaming platforms.

Though Maffe's original score for the film is a detour from the more sparkling and bombastic orchestral textures of his reputation, it fits. With the humble plucking of guitar melodies and lonesome synthesizers, the music for Love You Anyway, accompanies Mackenzie's story with subtlety and intimate charm.

Childhood (Main Theme from "Love You Anyway")Sterling Maffe
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