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"SwiftyMart" the Rom-Com/Horror Film

Oct 20, 2023

We just released a brand new film! SwiftyMart is an ambitious short film comedy that shows the wildly different perspectives of two supermarket shoppers, one who sees the world through rose-colored lenses, and one who is living in a perpetual nightmare. 

The story begins as the two of them meet, and their worlds collide. A fantastic genre mix of comedy and horror, Maffe’s music also takes an innovative approach.

We didn’t quite know how to score this at first, since it switches genres so rapidly. Eventually we learned we could score it like a video game. There were two layers of scores going for much of the movie (one romantic, and one horror) that we could then switch between at any time. 

This film was a wonderful collaboration between Amanda Riann Clark (writer, director), Adam Billingham (cinematographer, director), and myself. It was an absolute blast to work on and I hope you love it too!

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