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"The Most Beautiful Sound" Viral Piano Video

Sep 25, 2023

Sheet Music
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After racking up 500,000 views and counting on Instagram, "The Most Beautiful Sound" reel, part of Maffe's composition secrets series, has been released in a full version on all streaming platforms.

The original video opens with "this might be the most beautiful sound in music." Maffe then goes on to explain the power of the circle progression, a "map for your chords" which each chord leads to the next a fifth below, and how moving it is when the melody note lands on the seventh. He then plays through a short example. It went viral, and there were dozens of commenters asking for a full version.

"I’m still shocked! I never expected this would reach and touch so many people!" Maffe said in his official social media post.

The Most Beautiful SoundSterling Maffe
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