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"The Water Phoenix" Shines at the YCC Composium

Oct 18, 2015

The National Young Composers Challenge Competition put on a marvelous event in their 2015 Composium. Maffe, along with six other talented young composers had their work performed and recorded by members of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Christopher Wilkins) at the Walt Disney Theater in Orlando, Florida. 'Phoenix' was abridged to a duration of five minutes because of contest guidelines but the full version will be premiered in just a few weeks.

Maffe had previously entered the competition in 2011 ("Alien Armada"), 2012 ("October's Gift"), and 2014 ("Cajolery of the Forest") before finally taking home the trophy in 2015.

The Water PhoenixSterling Maffe and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
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