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"Wrathful Cerulean Flame"

May 30, 2022

"Wrathful Cerulean Flame" ("Touch the Sky") is a featured track on the new Arknights soundtrack album released by Monster Siren Records.

The song emphasizes Amiya, one of the main characters, recalling her past memories, and her seeing the past visions leading to her acceptance of the power of the Lord of Fiends.

Maffe says on a recent social media post, "This song features the beautiful singing of Laura Intravia, who also wrote the lyrics. Violin was masterfully performed by Steve C. Chiu. Thank you to these wonderful artists for their lovely work! This collaboration has been a highlight of my time at Hexany Audio."

Wrathful Cerulean Flame (Touch the Sky)Sterling Maffe and Laura Intravia
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