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'Fantasia' Premieres in Hills of Los Angeles

Nov 13, 2022

The Norris Theatre in Palos Verdes was packed as concert goers listened to Maffe's newest piece for concert performance "Fantasia for Strings, Piano, and Harp".

The 10-minute overture was conducted brilliantly by Maestro Hector Salazar and featured masterful solos by concertmaster Nancy Roth on the violin, Rick Naill on the cello, and Alin Melik-Adamyan on the piano.

The concert also featured the Copland Clarinet Concerto with Boris Allakhverdyan, first chair of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, playing the title role.

Before the performance, Maffe gave an interview to long time NPR veteran and music history aficionado Chuck Klaus wherein the two talked a bit about Maffe's background and the inspiration for the 2022 work.

"Much of the concert music I write these days is a short fanfare here or a three minute premiere there, so I was thrilled to jump on this opportunity to write something with more depth that could have musical characters who develop over time and tell a complete story."

Photos by Ute Reckhorn.

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