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Afterglow: Modern, Dark, Massive

May 17, 2023

In sanguine umbram! “Afterglow” (Thronum Immortalem) is Maffe’s most recent contribution to the Arknights game, and is perhaps his most ambitious track to date. The score features a full orchestra (Funk Studio Recording Orchestra, dir. Nathan Hofheins) and choir (dir. Dr. Jane Fjeldsted) in an epic musical journey of Dantean proportions 

This track accompanies “Episode of 11: Return to Mist”, and centers around a bold main theme. The melody is presented three times; at first it is tranquil, beautiful. The next time it is dark and heavy, then the music descends to Hellish madness, and finally returns triumphantly with a final statement of the theme in all its symphonic glory.

“It’s not often,” Maffe says, “that I get to compose music that takes advantage of the orchestra in so many diverse ways. From soft solo moments, to lush melodic passages, and even to some dark techniques borrowed from 20th century aleatoric and chance music, I’m so grateful to the team at Hypergryph for their vision and openness to something outside-of-the-box.”

“Afterglow” is included on Monster Siren Records most recent soundtrack release “Ambience Synesthesia: Wanted EP” and was premiered live in Shanghai, China for the annual “Ambience Synesthesia” concert on April 29, 2023.

Afterglow (Thronum Immortalem)Sterling Maffe
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