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Joining the tradition of Zimmer in "Arena of Valor"

Feb 14, 2023

The music of Arena of Valor, a multiplayer online battle arena, has had a long tradition of well-known and prestigious composers (Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Jeff Broadbent, Russell Brower, Matthew Carl Earl, Obadiah Brown-Beach, to name a few).

With his recent contribution of map and battle music, Maffe has joined the ranks. The collection of 14 tracks, for epic orchestra and electronics, was written for all the stages of battle, from the preparation, where players select their characters, to the havoc of the fight, and even the conclusion playing over a victory or defeat. 

“It’s always exciting to get the chance to contribute to a body of music that is this rich.” Maffe says in a recent social media post, “I hope to do justice to the style, while lending a bit of my own voice.”

Arena of Valor: Map MusicSterling Maffe
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