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Maffe Wins Biola's Best Original Score for "Sunsprite" (2019)

Apr 14, 2019

The collaboration of Sterling Maffe, Townsend Dick, and Kianna Bliven again pays off as Maffe takes home his second straight title of "Best Original Score" at the Biola Film Festival.

The film, about two children and their unlikely adventures with a mysterious person on the other end of a HAMM radio, captured the hearts of the judges with its redeeming themes and lovable characters. The movie stands out with its music as well. Maffe's themes are memorable and harken a feeling of nostalgia. The score is well produced and surprisingly intricate for the two-and-a-half weeks in which it was composed.

The other composers nominated this year were Hammer (The Man Who Dwelt Below), Kozinski and Mauer (Aporia), Brown (Dear Dad), and Barclay (Mallory, Los Angeles).

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