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New Thriller "Cognitive" catching festival attention.

Dec 13, 2022

"When a young couple abducts Alisha, she is forced to consider the possibility that she may not be who she thinks she is. A Hitchcockian-style thriller presented in reverse chronology that keeps the audience guessing until the final frame," reads the plot summary by Another Hole In The Head Film Festival.

The third collaboration between director Evan Richards and Sterling Maffe, preceded by "There's a Monster Behind You" (2018) and "Two People, One Ring" (2019), 'Cognitive' embraces a unique, non-linear presentation that starts the audience at the end of the story and works its way backward to fill in the dark events that lead to the film's opening.

The musical score features a traditional, small-scale, intimate approach that takes advantage of the personal timbres of the chamber orchestra and uses simple, but memorable character melodies that develop in perspective and scale as the film progresses.

In November, the feature film was an Official Selection at the Sin City Horror Film Festival in Las Vegas, where it won Best Screenplay and Best Editing, and was an Official Selection at the Tennessee International Indie Film Festival. It is also an Official Selection at the well-regarded genre film festival Another Hole In The Head Film Festival.

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