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Score to the Phantom Film Released (Legend)

Sep 20, 2016

There is a new soundtrack out, but it's not to a movie you have seen, because this movie doesn't exist. Legend, Maffe's third worldwide album release features 40 minutes in the style of a film score. It reaches a wide range of genres and idioms, opening with a bombastic overture along the vein of the classic western ("Into the West"), dipping into the fantastical with a musical take on the sinking of the glorious city of Atlantis ("The City is Sinking"), and even slashing some fear with downright scary horror movie music ("Spade").

There are several pieces in the compilation that were a part of Maffe's "Monday Music" campaign, a composing exercise that had Maffe start with a blank slate on Monday morning and a fully produced piece of music by midnight ("The Shattered Compass," "The Figure Skater," "A Stranger in Space," and "Fanfare for the Patriot")

The album is filled with memorable themes and lush orchestration, and will capture the imagination of the audience in a truly captivating cognitive celluloid experience.

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