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Silvestri's Seal of Approval

Jul 11, 2019

According to tradition of the USC Screen Scoring program at Thornton School of music, a committee of faculty (SCOR) rates the candidates upon their acceptance into the Masters program. This year Sterling Maffe has been selected highest-rated of over 150 aspiring composers. Because of this, film scoring giant Alan Silvestri (Avengers, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, etc.) and his wife Sandra have generously gifted Maffe a partial scholarship to attend the program.

"Mr. Silvestri is one of my greatest influences," Maffe says, "and it is such an honor to have his support as I follow in his footsteps toward a career in film scoring."

Alan Silvestri adds his approval on a recent social media post, "Congratulations, Sterling. You're on your way!!"

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